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Alpacas are one of four species of South American camelids, the other three being the llama, vicuna, and guanaco. The alpaca is also related to the camel and shares some distinctive features with it, most notably the even toed, padded foot.

AntaresThe alpaca was domesticated by the ancient Incans over 5,000 years ago for it's fine fleece. The fleece then was reserved only for royalty. When the Incan civilization was destroyed, the alpaca and it's keeper only survived in the remotest of Andean heights. Through a continuous selective breeding process the native keepers created one of the world's greatest natural fibers. Discovered by the western world last century, alpaca fiber now is intensely sought world wide for it's light weight warmth, silky feel, long wearing properties and exclusivity.

Alpacas are known as one of the worlds best, most productive livestock investments. Imported to the United States beginning only in the mid 1980s, there are still relatively few alpacas in North America, assuring strong prices for the foreseeable future.

There are many benefits in raising alpacas, including a wonderful country lifestyle. The animals are clean, hardy, disease resistant, easy on the land, and a joy to raise. There is no other livestock investment that will multiply at the rate alpacas can. Even if you don't have the necessary rural property to raise your alpacas, agistment (boarding) is available here at Lassen View Alpacas, allowing even city dwellers the benefits of owning and raising these marvelous animals.

Our number one commitment at Lassen View Alpacas, is to our wonderful animals. In receiving the finest care possible, we assure our customers of only top quality American Alpacas, guaranteed to perform. Through hard work and careful breeding selection, we strive to create the ultimate alpaca. We are proud to perform a variety of services for our customers, whether new owners, more experienced veterans or just folks interested in fiber or information. These services include fiber sales (raw and spun), animal sales and agistments (boarding), brokering, stud services, transport, and after-sales assistance.

Shasta County, Northern California is home to Lassen View Alpacas, and many world class resorts, vacation areas, scenic vistas, museums, art galleries, and other interesting attractions. There is much to see and do when you come to visit us at Lassen View Alpacas. Visitors are welcome always, and we gladly will answer your questions or help in any way we can. Contact us to find out more about how you can add some of these wonderful animals to your herd.

Updated: February 14, 2009

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